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Utah Lake North End

About The Location

The North end of Utah Lake is a beautiful location for any type of photo shoot you can imagine.  Its best in the spring and early summer when there are yellow wildflowers and green grasses surrounding the golden cattails.  Early in spring the mountains are usually snow capped.  And if you get lucky like I did, if there is rain in the background, you may catch a rainbow in the background. There are also trails winding through the cattails leading out to a wedge of land near the lake.  These trails can be muddy in certain areas, so may not be great for a bridal or bride & groom session.  I recommend staying on the upper trail to avoid the mud.

Current Weather


There is a small parking lot here that accommodates about 30 vehicles, as well as one a little further down that is about the same size.  However, this parking lot can get filled up quick with people that come to the lake to fish or to Inlet Park for games. 



Location Type





mountain view




Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May through July

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