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Terms & conditions

By checking the box that you agree with the Terms & Conditions,  you agree to the following:

Never put your clients or people you are photographing in danger in any way.  Stay away from high cliffs, dangerous rivers, severe weather, and other dangerous situations.  Getting a great shot is not worth your clients lives.    Neither James Erick Photography Utah or Utah Photo Shoot Spots may not be held liable in any way should you or a client become injured due to an accident.  


GPS coordinates are rarely exactly where your standing.  You may have to walk a few feet and look around to see the exact location being referenced by the picture.

The dates and times listed on every picture were meant to give you an idea of what a shoot spot could look like at that particular time of day and month of the year, however, conditions change from year to year and season to season in every shoot spot listed on this site.  You should always drive to a location first to see the current condition prior to scheduling a photo shoot there.  


We will also do our best to keep this guide up to date with location fee info, shooting conditions, etc., but these can change  frequently throughout the year.  To make sure you are up to date, go to each location yourself to see the current conditions  prior to scheduling clients. 

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