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Provo Grove

About The Location

The Provo Grove is a very popular spring location when you want to get blossoming trees in the for and background.  The best way to shoot the grove when the sun is up is from east to west,  but after the sun sets south to north down the rows.  It can be difficult on weekends to find a place where there isn't a person in the background, so avoid shooting on weekends.  After the blossoms are gone(which is a very short period of time), the grove is still a nice place to shoot, but the blossoms are better.  And since the timing of the blossoms varies from year to year, I recommend going ahead of time to make sure they are there!  Each picture below has the time and date I took the picture to give you an idea of when the blossoms might be there.

Current Weather


There is a small parking lot that accommodates about 20 cars.



Location Type





spring blossoms

apple trees

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

Either early in the morning just after sun-up or later in the afternoon 1 hour prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

Late April through early May.  After that the blossoms are gone and the grass can grow quite tall.

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