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Castle Amphitheater

About the Location

The Castle Amphitheater located behind the Provo State Hospital, is truly a unique location for a photo shoot.  The stone walls and turrets and the amphitheater itself look like something out of an medieval movie. At the top and south of the amphitheater is a pond with a dock to add variety to your shoot.  And there is a trail leading north with a beautiful view of the landscape to the north and south. Make sure you only park in designated areas or the police will ticket you and ask you to move during your shoot(as has happened to me)

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There are two small parking lots, one at the castle and one just below it.  Both are small and only accommodate about 5 vehicles.



Location Type





stone castle

stone steps

stone walls


city views

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

Either early in the morning just after sun-up or later in the afternoon 1 hour prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May through early November.  

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