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Little Sahara

About The Location 

Little Sahara National Recreation Area is an amazingly different location to shoot any type of shoot you have in mind.  The myriad of sand dunes go on in every direction, shape and size.  Its pretty far from any type of civilization so be sure to bring food and water with you on your visit.  Also be sure to bring sun screen and maybe even an umbrella for people with fair skin that may get burned easily.  You want to make sure you go on a sunny day. Once i went on a cloudy day and it just was not as amazing.  
The dunes can change from year to year, so I only put 3 main shoot spots and even these ones could be different if you go to this location.  Colorful props are highly recommended as there are only two colors in this location, sand dune tan and the blue sky.  
I would recommend avoiding weekend shooting here as there will be a lot of people in off road vehicles, especially in the summer time, riding the dunes.


Current Weather


$18 per vehicle. 


You can park anywhere and just walk to where you want to shoot, however, this parking area is close to all the best dunes.

Location Type





sand dunes

mountain views

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

Spring or fall when there is no snow and its not as hot

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