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Lake Mary

About The Location

Lake Mary is a beautiful, clear water Alpine lake, surrounded by high rocky peaks on one side with beautiful pine trees scattered around the entire lake.  There is a trail that goes most of the way around the lake, except where the dam is.  At that point you have to walk down hill then back up the other side as you can't cross the dam.

The area mountains frequently have patches of snow, and the area is usually on accessible from July through November.  When planning your shoot to lake Mary, try to go on a day with little to no wind, as the lake when it is still, makes a beautiful reflection of the surrounding landscape.


Current Weather




There is a large parking lot at the Brighton Ski Resort where the Lake Mary Trail starts.


Location Type





rock mountains

pine trees

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

2 hours prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

July through November

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