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Lake Martha

About The Location

Lake Martha is a beautiful little lake high up in the mountains above the Brighton ski resort.  Surrounded on one side by pine trees and rocky mountains on the other, Its a 40 minute hike uphill to the lake, and is just 8 minutes past lake Mary.  If your planning on going to Lake Mary, I would include Lake Martha in the shoot.  Both lakes are very different giving you more variety.

Most of the year the lake is not accessible due to the snow, but for the most part is open from July through October.  I would not even attempt it unless you and your clients are in good physical shape.

Current Weather




There is a very large parking lot at the Brighton ski resort where the trail starts. 


Location Type





pine trees

rocky mountains

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

July - October

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