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How To Use Utah Shoot Spots

Shoot Spots are organized by location.  Each location has multiple shoot spots.  Locations can be searched by location name, county, landscape type and much more.  You can even search a list of pictures to find the background you and your clients are looking for.

Each Location Comes With:

1. Location pictures.

2. Detailed location information.

3. The best type of photography for the location.

4. The landscape type.

5. The best month of the year to shoot.

(Partial Screen Shot of a Shoot Spot Location)

Each Shoot Spot Comes With:

1. One or more pictures of the shoot spot.

2. Clickable GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken.

3. The day & month the picture was taken.

4. The time the picture was taken.

(Screen Shot of a Shoot Spot Location)


Shoot Spot 5:  9/15 at 7:55 pm 

It's a 17 minute walk mostly uphill to this location from the parking area at the base of Big Springs Park.

Using Shoots Spots With Your Mobile Device

In many of the locations on this site, there is little to no internet connection or cell phone service. However, Google Maps still works! Make sure you have saved each shoot spot in the location you are planning to go to on your mobile device. Also make sure you have the Google Maps App installed on your cell phone.

To save locations on your mobile device:

1. Find a location on the Utah Shoot Spots website you would like to do a shoot at by searching for it by name, by county, city, by location type, or by a list of pictures.

​2. At the location level, scroll through the pictures to find a "shoot spot" you like. There are multiple shoot spot pictures(spots) in each location you can investigate. To get directions to that shoot spot, click on the shoot spot picture.  This will open google maps to the shoot spot where I took the picture.


​3. In Google Maps click on "Save" Then click on "Favorites". Create a label so you know what shot spot it is. Repeat the process for each shoot spot you would like to visit.


​4. Drive to the shoot location. Open Google Maps. Click on the spot bulls-eye on your phone to find your current GPS location.  Head toward your selected shoot spot.

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