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Canyon View Park

About the Location

I have passed Canyon View Park many times on my way to other fall locations.  The truth is that in early fall there are better locations, like Big Springs park and Squaw Peak.  However, when the upper elevations are all tapped out of fall colors, Canyon View park can be a beautiful place to take pictures.  There is a long path that goes in either direction, and amazing river, mountain, and forest views in the fall.  

Current Weather


There are two small parking lots, one at the castle and one just below it.  Both are small and only accommodate about 5 vehicles.



Location Type





forest trail

steel bridge


fall colors

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

Either early in the morning just after sun-up or later in the afternoon 1 hour prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

August through early November.  

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