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Buffalo Peak

About The Location

Buffalo Peak is in the Squaw Peak area.  Its famous for its Spring yellow wildflowers and fall colors.  Its perfect for all types of photo shoots.  There is lots of diversity in foliage from the scrub oak at the bottom, to the aspen trees at the top. The Buffalo Peak location Its divided by the Squaw Peak road into two areas.  To the west is where you will find the yellow wildflowers and top of the mountain views. There is a patch of wildflowers at the top of the mountain that only blooms for about 1 month in May, and draws lots of photographers.  Just be careful not to trample them down if you decided to shoot there.  To the east is a long valley with Maple,  Aspen and Scrub Oak trees that look amazing in the Fall.  The road to the Buffalo Peak trail head is paved part of the way up to the top, but then becomes a rough dirt road not recommended for smaller cars without ground clearance.  I have seen a few cars on the side of the road with flat tires, so make sure you have a spare.  If you drive a little further past the top of the mountain you come to some rocky cliffs with an awesome views. The Squaw Peak Road to get to Buffalo Peak is usually closed November through June.

Current Weather


Parking at this location is on the side of the road only, and it can get filled up in this area quick.




Location Type





aspen trees

mountain views


rocky cliffs


grassy fields

fall colors

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May through early November.  Prior to and after these months the gate is closed.

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