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Bonneville Salt Flats

About The Location

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a very beautiful and unique shoot location.  Its a long ways out, so its best to check the weather before you go.  I also recommend you bring props, umbrellas, chairs, other colorful items because it will spice up your shoot.  I can only list two locations here because it pretty much looks the same wherever you shoot.  I would try to go out as far as you can away from the parking lot to get away from the tire tracks left from the cars that aren't supposed to be on the flats.  That way you wont be editing them out later.  Avoid the rainy season, unless you want to be walking in salty mud.  I have only listed two shoot spots here as everything looks pretty much the same from those two spots, just slightly different backgrounds depending on which way you are facing.  Also, the further out you go, the better the salt looks as there wont be as many tracks and footprints in it.


Current Weather


There is a small parking lot here that accommodates about 20 vehicles.  I have never seen it full.



Location Type




salt flats

mountain views

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May through October

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