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Aspen Grove

About The Location

Aspen Grove is an amazing place to shoot any type of photography you like.  My two favorite seasons here are Fall and Winter.  The best trail to take is the Stewart falls trail, up to the water tower, then over to the view area I have marked on this page.  From there you can see for miles to the valley below, and in winter and fall this view is amazing!  Even in the summer Sundance is beautiful.  The green aspen trees and the high cliffs of Mt. Timpanogos make this a beautiful shoot location.  In April through the beginning of May, Sundance can be a dangerous place to shoot.  I have nearly been caught in an avalanche once, and have heard and seen several others during this time.  

Current Weather


There is a large parking lot that accommodates about 80 vehicles.



Location Type






mountain views

aspen trees

pine trees

forest path


fall colors

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

2 hours prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May Through February.  In March & April there avalanches here. 

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