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Arches National Park

About The Location

Arches National Park is one of my favorite locations to shoot in the US.  It is vast, amazingly beautiful no matter when you go, and provides a very unique background.  The park is vast, spanning about 119 square miles.  You could shoot there for a month and never get to all the locations.  There are red rocks and sand, trees hundreds of years old, petrified rocks, butts, valleys, canyons, and of course, arches of every shape and size.

With an areas this size, if you only have an hour or two, you will need to plan your photo shoot in advance.  If you just drive around looking for spots to shoot you will waste more than half your time.  I have listed some of the main shoot locations, but some like Delicate Arch require a hike that will take up all your time so if you plan to go there make sure it is your only location.

Warning!  You need to acquire permission to shoot a bridal,s or engagements in any National Park


$35 per vehicle.  I recommend that you purchase a National Parks pass for $80 which covers  more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country, including all the national parks.  You can purchase one here.


There are pullouts all over the park.  

Location Type





red rock

rock arches

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