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Antelope Island

About the location

Antelope Island has almost every background you could want for a shoot.  There is more background diversity than in any other shoot location in the state.  There are also lots of animals on the island, including Antelope, Deer, Coyote, Fox, Jack Rabbits, Porcupine, Birds of every color of the rainbow, and my favorite, the Bison.  

The landscape at Antelope island changes dramatically from season to season, as does the temperature.  I have been on the island when it was 102 degrees, and when it was 12 degrees.   And I have been there when it went from 80 degrees to 48 degrees in less than an hour, so always bring a jacket.  I have found that the best season to shoot is any season but April & May.  April is when the bugs first come out.  Swarms of May Flies cover the island and they all seem to come out when it first warms up after winter, which is usually the end of April, but has happened in late March and early May as well.  And in early May just after the bugs come out, the Neocosa spiders come out to eat all the insects that swarm, and its like something out of a horror movie with thousands of webs and millions of colorful spiders about 1 inch across, all over the island. 

The wind can also be a major factor.  When the wind is calm, it's great, because the lake can look as smooth as glass, especially at sunset, but the bugs can come out an drive you crazy.  Sometimes at sunset you can get some of the most beautiful & colorful cloud formations you will ever see.  During the summer you will need a strong can of bug repellent to fend off the biting flies which go straight for your scalp.   

Fees: There is a $10 entry fee at the ranger station at the entrance to the island.  Be sure to buy a State Parks Parks Pass if you plan on going there more than 6 times per year. 

Parking: There are pullouts and places to park off the side of the road all over the island.

Location Type

engagement, bridals, family


grassy fields, tall grass, mountain views, lake, Large rocks, wildflowers, dirt flats, dock, rocky shore, cat tails, winding road, sand, bison

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May through October

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