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Albion Basin

About The Location

Albion Basin used to be an amazing place to take pictures.  Unfortunately, to many photographers went there to get pictures of brides and grooms and to do engagements.  When I was there, we could not even find parking, and I counted at least 60 photographers taking pictures at one time.  Many of the photographers were tramping all over the wild flowers without regard to everybody else that wanted to use the area to get pictures.  Because of that, the forestry service has mad it nearly impossible for professional photographers to take pictures here by requiring every photographer to file a permit 5 days in advance of every shoot.  There is also an expensive shoot fee of $160.

From the forestry service..."Areas down canyon or outside of the Albion Basin area may not require a permit. The reason for permits in Albion Basin (and the Silver Lake area in BCC) is due to the vegetation damage that the area has seen from groups not staying on existing trails and roads.  If one is photographing only flowers, scenery, or landscapes (with no products or people in the photos), a permit is not needed.  A permit is also not needed if you are doing personal photography, or of family/friends where there is no money exchange. If one is found to be claiming ‘free’ or ‘friend only’ photography, but then is found charging off site for a photo product, a citation may be issued. These groups must also obey the rules and stay on existing trails and roads. Anyone going off trail and into the vegetation/flowers  or picking flowers can be cited."

So, needless to say, Albion basin is no longer a viable place to shoot pictures.  It costs too much, you can't have clients stand in the wildflowers, and its to difficult to find a place to park.  However if you feel the need to go through the hoops, you can click on the word document to request a permit.

The good news is I have lots of other amazing places that are free where you can find wildflowers.


Current Weather




Extremely limited.  There is a small dirt parking lot that accommodates about 30 cars, but is almost always full.  In addition, you cannot park along the side of the road or you will be cited.

Location Type




pine trees

rocky cliffs

high mountains

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1 hour prior to sunset

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

Mid July when the trail to the lake opens through October

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