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About Utah Shoot Spots

I have been a profession photographer here in Utah for the past 10 years and I have lived in Utah most of my life.  I am the owner of James Erick Photography Utah.   I have a beautiful wife Lacey, and three amazing kids, Logan, Kinly, and Gage. 


When I first started as a wedding photographer here in Utah, clients would ask me for amazing locations to shoot their engagements, bridals, bride & groom & family sessions. I knew a few average locations, the boring ones everybody else went to, but after a while I got tired of the same places.  So did my clients.  And in the highly competitive wedding photography business, I needed to find locations that would wow my clients and give me an edge.


So on my free days off, I would go explore different possible shoot locations around the state.  And after 10 years of doing this I have amassed a list of over 500 beautiful shoot spots in 65 locations that will be sure to wow your clients and improve your wedding photography business dramatically.

I am not and do not claim to be the best photographer in Utah.  The pictures I have put on this site were meant to show the location background, not my style or ability as a photographer.  What I do have is knowledge.  I have the unique knowledge of knowing many, not all yet, but many of the most amazing places to shoot weddings, bridals, engagements and family pictures in Utah, and the list is growing every week!


I dedicate this website to my father Jim and my mother Pam.  As a child, my parents took our family on so many adventures in Utah there are to many to count!  We spent our summers and some winters at a our small cabin in a little town called Marysvale, Utah.  We literally lived off the land.   We hunted, fished, picked berries, harvested our apple, pear and cherry trees.  My mother is an amazing cook and whatever we picked, hunted, or gathered, she would make into an amazing meal.  We had friends in the town that used to rave about her cooking.  My father loved adventure and went to almost every know place you could go in Utah.


We rode wild horses, chased rainbows, rafted on rivers, traversed mountains, went out on lakes in lightning storms, held snakes & lizard's, took care of baby birds, set off sky rockets to star filled sky's, rode motorcycles to mountain tops, told ghost stories and so much more, and that was just in Utah! 

Without my parents adventurous spirit, none of this would have been possible.

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