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Utah Shoot Spots Is a Free online searchable database of over 600  Amazing Utah Engagement, Bridal and Family photo shoot locations that you will love!

Each location comes with pictures and GPS info of where each picture was taken, as well as the time and date each picture was taken and other valuable information.  Shoot Spots has beautiful photo shoot locations all over Utah, the majority being concentrated in the Northern half of Utah at this time, with new locations being added each month!  Learn More

With the Utah Shoot Spots search, you can search for geographical features like wildflowers, trees, lakes, bridges, red rock and more.  You can also search by county, or by seasonal items like fall colors.  There is even a group of pictures you can search from to see where and when each picture was taken. 

Spring blossoms come at different times in different places, as do the summer wildflowers, and fall colors.   With Utah Shoot Spots, we take the guesswork out of your next photo shoot.  Imagine knowing what a location could look like before you get there and where to take the best pictures and what time of day and month of the year looks best.


1. Search for a place you want to do a photo shoot by a list of pictures, by County, Season or by landscape type.


2. Select a shoot spot and click on the picture to open up the mapping program on your cell phone.


3. Click on Start to get directions to the exact spot where the picture was taken.

" It's like having a personal photography scout to let me know where, when, and what time to get the best pictures " 

Join a growing group of over 5,000 Users

I'm floored! Exact GPS directions to so many amazing shoot locations!  Where were you 5 years ago when I started my business?  Thank you Shoot Spots!!!


I felt like I was shooting at the same locations over and over again.  I was getting bored.  Now because of  Shoot Spots I love shooting all over again.


This website is freeking amazing!  So many times I wondered where the best place would be to shoot my clients bridals & engagement sessions.  I saw posts from other photographers but most were unwilling to share the location, but now I know, and now I know even better places then they probably do.  This is a game changer!


I was skeptical at first:  How could anybody know of so many great shooting locations?  But I tried Shoot Spots and found that in many of the places I was already shooting that there were way more places that I did not even know about!  I even found many more new places to shoot as well!  


Find your next photo shoot location today!

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One Year Membership

Access to the search engine.

Location Information.

Location Pictures.


Access to the picture search.

Picture Information.

GPS coordinates for each picture.


As proud members of Leave No Trace, we will donate 5% of our annual sales of products sold to non-profit organizations that protect the photo shoot locations we provide on this website.  Please remember to always respect and protect the areas and wildlife you take pictures in.  Leave no trace behind.

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